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Choosing a window glass for your building may not feel like a great thing. You may have to do many other things.

Do you think so?

Then you are making a big mistake. A window glass have a major part in making your property beautiful. Its quality can determine how well your building is protected from the weather outside elements. Know it from the window glass manufacturers.

Today, Smartuff, one of the pioneer toughened glass manufacturers in Kerala is here before you to make you aware about the things you have to keep in kind whole choosing window glass for your building.

  • Adding aesthetic value: If you own a new building, then you have many options to choose from. While replacing old windows, some people opt for the same design to get a similar style and some opt for a new vogue. We have a variety of designs with durable quality to meet your needs.

  • Providing safety: Decide how much ventilation your building needs and then choose the perfect glass and the layout that can provide a sufficient flow of fresh air. For anything we buy, we should check the safety it provides. While purchasing for your building, since it will have a long life, it is important to ensure safety.

  • Meeting specific needs: Some people need a full-size glass window. If there are children at your home, then you might need more tough glasses that couldn’t break. Let it be any kind of requirements you have, we have the solution for all your needs.

  • Energy efficient: Choose an energy efficient glass that can control your room temperature and provide sufficient lighting so as to reduce the consumption of electricity. Nowadays every construction had begun to choose energy efficient materials. In the case of glass also this is possible.

    Toughened Glasses in kerala

How to Choose? 

You should be able to make your property, whether it is your home or building for your business, make it an exceptional space that can also be an expression of your own style, by addressing your needs and preferences. Attributes of the glass you choose can make all the difference.

You can decide whether you need a simple window, or a door and glass panels, to make it more elaborate or give it an artistic installation. Deciding the perfect glass can transform your property very well.

Do we have to know about the features of the glass we are going to choose?

Yes, for sure!

Beyond everything, what we always find for is all about the freedom we have to embark the enjoyable side of opting the most stylish design and that of having an aesthetic appeal. You will be availed with a huge variety to choose from. Go through the web and attractive catalogs to just have a look at all those are available before us.

Want to know more?

Reach us and have a look at our most modern and high-quality glasses.

Who are we?

SMARTUFF GLASS, one among the glass manufacturers in Kerala, provides you with any kind of glass that can assure safety, beautiful design and can match with your requirements. We assemble supreme quality glass from trusted sources, to provide you with the best quality glass. We use the most trusted world-class technology in glass tempering plant with European technology from M/s Saint Gobain Seva (France).

Have a look at our products that might suit your needs

  • Toughened Glass/Tempered Glass – Flat clear or tinted glasses that can assure safety and reduce the chances of injury when it breaks. These are mainly used for passenger vehicle, windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables

  • Laminated Glass– This type of glass is developed by merging two thin layers of raw glasses. It has the capacity to withstand weather changes. Its application includes glazed doors and side panels, household, shopping centers, windows,  automobile windscreen

  • Heat Strengthened Glass – This type of glasses have a longer life and are twice as strong as untreated glass. These are generally used for facades of tower and window glass.


We also have other kinds of glasses for many other purposes, that includes toughened bend glass, tinted glass, insulated glass, reflective glass, and tempered lacquered glass.

Got the one that you need?

Reach us for further inquiries. Let us know your requirements and we can give you the best in the market.


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